• Wastewater Treatment System
    Operation & Maintenance for Wastewater Treatment System
    We integrate our supreme services with new advanced technology to achieve the best treatment performance. Therefore, our effluent can be assured that it is far better than the normal wastewater effluent standard.
  • Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Syste
    Operation & Maintenance for Municipal Solid Waste Incineration System
    Although MSW incineration system is very new to Thai market, our customers can trust in our performance because we are always being supported by many experts from our mother company in Japan that has engaged in this kind of services for more than 40.
  • Water Treatment System
    Operation & Maintenance for Water Treatment System
    We provide superior services to maintain high quality water at the lowest cost. Our customers can be secured that their payments will be worth for every drop of water.
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    Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Services
    Originally, we are O&M Operators for environmental services, our know-how and experience can be applied to EPC Services effectively. We can merely understand what the users want including Pros & Cons of many machines and equipment from our real experiences in order to develop long term sustainability of the system.
    Our EPC services also include;
    - Water Treatment System
    - Wastewater Treatment System
    - Water Reclamation System