We are engaged in environmental services under Japanese’s high-class quality work and philosophy
Tesco Aqua Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011 to serve for a 20 Year Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) contract of a Water Reclamation Plant in AMATA CITY Industrial Estate with Amata Water Co., Ltd. The company was also granted by the Board of Investment (BOI) to obtain full privilege on the investment.
The plant so called “Water Reclamation Plant No.1” is located in the area of Wastewater Treatment Plant No. 1 of AMATA CITY Industrial Estate. Currently, it can reclaim around 6,200 m3/day or around 85% of feed water which is 100% come from treated wastewater. The plant can be regarded as one of the first economically successful models for industrial water reclamation system in Thailand. Under full support from Amata Water Co., Ltd. and Zero-Emission Policy, the system has a bright future for further expansion all over AMATA CITY and AMATA NAKORN estates as well as all other industrial estates that are focusing on the sustainable environment.
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